In my work, I am always striving for individuality of expression, naturalness and elegance. I pay particular attention to the quality of the hair care instruments used, styling products and cosmetics.

It is very important to me to reveal the true beauty and personality of each and every customer. I treat every request with care, in order to deliver the desired outcome in line with the clients natural preference. Clients appreciate my approach and results. Their glowing faces, shining locks, and the excellent reviews they have bestowed on my work motivate me to keep evolving.

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                Attention to details


Your perfect hairstyle.

I can determine from the texture, natural growth, and length, of your hair what will be the most flattering coiffure to complement your bone structure.

With make-up, I pay particular attention to skin type and hydration, in order to give your face a bright and healthy glow.

Each one of my clients is a unique and gorgeous individual, so with every look I try to emphasise and enhance their distinctive combinations of skin colour, eyes, hair and personal style.